Privacy Policy

Our company is aware of the importance of personal information and regards protecting it as the most significant duty and business basis. To provide relief, safety, trust to our customers, all the members will observe basic principle as given below.

1.A basic policy

Our company observes legislation and norms related to privacy policy. Also, we are making a constant effort to improve in-company policy as executing it. Our company establishes management structure of privacy protection and notifies our executives, employee to observe it. Our company uses only information that you agree to provide us within the purpose of utilization. Furthermore, we do not provide your information to a third person unless we got your admit or reasonable reasons. Our company constantly rectifies and improves information security, preventing personal information from leakage, elimination and illegal access as well as preserving it accurate and new. Our company swiftly takes action to our customer’s inquiry about personal information.

June 20th,,2017

Vario Corporation CEO Uchida Katsumi

2.Purpose of using personal information

Our company specifies the purpose of personal information in advance and uses it within only allowed range. If there is need to utilize it beyond stated range, we notify the intent and use it only under your permission. The purpose of private information is as listed below.

Purposes of customers’ information

  • To communicate or consult with customers
  • To send products or material to customers
  • To send information about service and events
  • To provide customer support and maintenance
  • To provide customer service
  • To do a survey and monitoring
  • To execute contracts
  • Purposes of applicants’ information
  • To notify and contact information of recruitment (including internship program)
  • To manage recruitment

3.Legitimate acquisition of personal information

Acquisition of personal information occurs through the legitimate and fair procedure in our company.

4.Provision of Personal Information

Our company does not provide your information to a third person except the cases as stated below
  • The case you agree to provide
  • The case when there is a legal basis
  • For a person’ s life, body and possession but it is difficult to get your information directly
  • The case there is consignment of information
  • The case there is merger, split-up or business transfer
Your name, address, phone number, etc may be offered to related companies if it is considered appropriate to provide service or respond to inquiries without regard to number one as the above statement. In this case, you can ask the companies to stop providing it.

5. Inquiries about personal information

Please contact us after the form of inquiry about opening, editing, eliminating personal information.

6. The others

1.About access information

We would appreciate it if you could understand that we might acquire your access-log information for better service. It is not for specifying your personal information.

2.About Cookies file

Our website might use your cookies file for convenient use. We do not treat cookies file and IP address as personal information because it is not possible to identify individual. You can refuse to provide cookies file from browser setting button.